Spyridon Katsour (2,102,040 points on 10/25/2023)


Spyridon Katsour from Corinth, Greece, showcased an impressive performance on the Google Word Coach leaderboard, securing a notable score of 2,102,040 points on 10/25/2023.

New google word coach highest scorer
"""Thank you very much for Word Coach.

It's the best site I have seen that helps you improve your vocabulary. I have been using Google Word Coach for a long time and it's been a lot of help. As a result of my last score, I achieved the third best one on the score board. 

So I tried even harder and made a personal record of more than 2 million one hundred points ( 2102040 )
Thanks again!
Spyridon Katsouris 
Corinth Greece"""

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